More Tech Skills Headed to the “Bone Pile”

Design trends that are now a thing of the past are the subject of a previous post on this weblog. Though to no one’s surprise, here are 10 IT skills to add to the obsolete list:

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Design Trends whose Future is Now Past

How the internet is used today is strongly influenced by the growing plethora of mobile devices as well as the heavy hitters Apple, Google, and social giants Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Unlike the typical write-up on the latest in design trends, this one is a retrospective on how several development standards are rapidly fading into obscurity.

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Open Source: The Future Looks Bright

Open-source software is no longer a new concept, though a big part of the current trend in technology that is still leading edge and will apparently continue to be for a while.

Based on results from the eighth annual Future of Open Source Survey, presented by Black Duck Software and North Bridge Venture Partners, the role of open-source is gaining greater impact on our daily lives. Increased strategic roles in enterprises, new development technology dependence as well as the growth of the developer pool, are significant findings of the survey.

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