7 differences between a Leader and a Control Freak

Excellent article that I felt compelled to reblog. Most of us are familiar with the stereotypical “control freak”, but the “good leader” is far more rare.

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Often times we come across people/leaders who push too much or take charge more than needed. They come out very aggressive.  They always seem to know the best way of doing things.

On the other side, we also see leaders who give too much off leeway and are self-perceived as being patient. Both of these are extreme traits of a leader. There is a very narrow difference between being a leader and a control freak. Leaders do need to direct others when needed, but too often and too many times makes one a control freak.

Great leaders know when to give control and when to take control.

Here are the 7 differences between a leader and a control freak.

  1. Fear of failure
    • People who have a tendency to control are often are dealing with their own anxiety and controlling other people is a means to alleviate it. They fear failure…

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