Dude! It’s a Dell!

Being passionate about web design, blogging, creating multi-media projects, surfing the net and all, gets to be a frustrating compulsion when you’re operating on an antiquated machine. I’m not getting any younger myself, but when I’ve forgotten what I was doing by the time I get a response from my primary computer, things are not too peachy. However, when that old workhorse finally keels over, it makes you realize just how dependent you’ve become on that device – and how isolated you feel when it’s suddenly gone.

That was the position I was in last week until venturing with a compadre of mine to Indy last Sunday. As I deal with this man as a good friend as well as in a consulting capacity, I was asked for my recommendations for setting up an elderly friend of his with a device that will enhance his “golden years” and keep his spirits up. Fry’s Electronics, which has a location in northeast Indianapolis, was my hands down recommendation, so off we went. I had dealt with them in Texas when they were first established and have retained a favorable impression of the superstore ever since.

Finding the perfect machine for the elder client was pretty much signed, sealed and delivered before we even departed. The only obstacle in the deal was the procurement of the funds by said client.

However, deep in the back of my mind and being in the isolated position I was in regarding connectivity, I realized my actual intent was to acquire a new machine for myself.

Still has the plastic covering on it.

Still has the plastic covering on it.

Lo and behold, it was like love at first site, except I never saw it until it was purchased! By describing to the salesman my behavior on a computer, what I did on it and what details I was interested in, he immediately recommended a newly arrived Dell desktop that was not even on the floor yet. It was a super deal with more capacity than I intended, making it good for future upgrades and the price was very reasonable though a little more than I was contemplating. The salesman at Fry’s had sold many of them already and was sure it was a great deal based on customer feedback.

Also, he pitched in a 24″ Dell LED monitor for just over a c-note, which rounded out the spectacular deal. I got it home and immediately started tearing into boxes and packages, configuring my work station until the wee hours of the morning, by which time I had that machine “cook’n with gas” and feeling like a kid again on Christmas Day!

Fits perfectly in the cubby hole.

Fits perfectly in the cubby hole.

My choices in the past have usually leaned towards Compaq and HP products with a couple of bad experiences with Acer and Gateway, though I’ve always had a favorable opinion of Dell, especially since they’re based in Austin, TX.

The Dell Inspiron 3847 Desktop PC is equipped with an Intel Core i5 processor, 12 GB of DDR3 memory, 1 TB hard drive, built in wireless and bluetooth, and Windows 8.1 – my first real experience with a post Windows 7 operating system.

I still feel the “warm fuzzies” as I consume my time on my new baby and don’t expect them to wear off anytime soon. After all, “dude, it’s a Dell!”

Whatever happened to that guy anyway?


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