Dude! It’s a Dell!

Being passionate about web design, blogging, creating multi-media projects, surfing the net and all, gets to be a frustrating compulsion when you’re operating on an antiquated machine. I’m not getting any younger myself, but when I’ve forgotten what I was doing by the time I get a response from my primary computer, things are not too peachy. However, when that old workhorse finally keels over, it makes you realize just how dependent you’ve become on that device – and how isolated you feel when it’s suddenly gone.

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CSS Preprocessors – What are the benefits?

Anyone who builds websites knows how time-consuming CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) development can be, but delegating the task to a CSS preprocessor can alleviate the tedium and handle the “dirty work”. Sass (Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets), Less (Leaner Style Sheets) and Stylus are the top CSS preprocessor tools used by web developers today.

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